Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today was another cold one like many others recently. After it warmed up to 32, it pretty much sat there all day.   The difference was that it was Saturday and we did not have to go to work. So what do you do when it is too cold to do much outside? Well, we like to go for a drive because it is warm in the car or truck, especially on a sunny day. So we ended up going to the lighthouse and we were so glad to find that the signs that had blocked us from walking the bayside beach were no longer up. There were several different kinds of small, migratory birds foraging on the beach. This line of scrub on the right serves as a windbreak for that cold north wind and it was almost pleasant on the beach---in my scarf, hat, two jackets, boots, etc.


During the afternoon, we think we set a personal record for seeing 5 bald eagles. There were thousands of coots---no, really. There were more coots to be seen than I have ever seen in one location. There were lots of migratory ducks, too. In one spot, I counted nine great blue herons.

Here is a female anhinga warming in a bit of sun.


Those who could find a protected spot did pretty well.


But out in the open, it was enough “to chill a mockingbird.”



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Liz said...

Those are some great pics, S & B!