Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tedd Arnold’s Visit

Children’s book author and illustrator, Tedd Arnold, paid a visit to our school Friday. He spoke to grade-levels of children, varying his talk to the age group.  We got to hear him first, but the consensus throughout the day was that he was very entertaining.

He read a couple of his books to us. (He has more than forty books published to date.)


He talked about how he gets his inspiration.


But best of all, I thought were his drawings that he quickly created as we watched.



One of my co-teachers made herself some precious shoes that were supposed to be a frog from his story---complete with flies.


Tedd Arnold graduated from the University of Florida. At one time, he was a teacher in a local elementary school here in Tallahassee but most of his life has been spent in a small town in New York.

We took pictures of our classes with him.

Before he left he autographed a pile of books. Some were new and others we already owned. I look forward to getting mine back on Monday.

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