Sunday, August 30, 2009

House Washing

The wonderful thing about vinyl siding is its durability. The not wonderful thing about vinyl siding in Florida is its mildew-ability. It seems that ours never stays clean for very long. We have learned that the kind of mildew that we get on ours is not impressed with mere spraying and rinsing, even with a pressure washer. It requires brush scrubbing. Greased Lightning is our product of choice, but don’t use it on paint or metal. The chimney and some of the really high parts are the most challenging.


100_8183 We both wash the lower parts. For the higher places, B washes and I stay on the ground and pray!

It will look good for a while.


Island Rider said...

Just last night, we were talking about how our siding is in need of a good cleaning. It usually happens once a year, just before we put up Christmas decorations. Our house is elevated due to being in a flood zone, plus two stories, so it takes a really high ladder to reach our eaves. Usually, the chimeneys don't get done either. Stay safe!

S N B said...

Wow! Well, we obviously have nothing to complain about!