Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crinum Craving

I have for years had a love affair with Asian Crinum Lilies. They are giant plants and there are lots of them in showy plantings in the Orlando area. They are less common here as we are much farther north, though I do see them in some yards. The trouble is they need sun to bloom, but those same sunny areas here are susceptible to frost damage in the winter. Frost, though it does not seem to kill the lilies, does make the giant leaves look really ugly for quite some time. That is what has kept me on the fence with having one of my own.


This week when a couple of lilies in the amaryllis bed popped up with buds, we were curious to see what they would be, as the amaryllises bloom in the winter/spring. Now B does not remember planting American crinum lilies, but this is sure what they look like. They are much smaller than their Asian cousins, but still lovely in their own way.

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Kimberlee said...

Wow, those really ARE lovely. And what a nice surprise to have something "pop" up unexpectedly like that.