Thursday, August 20, 2009

Growing a Deck

We live in a 16 year-old home and we assume the deck is the same age. The deck boards are beginning to show signs of needing repair from standing out in the weather all this time.

We have had showers most days—outside!  B and I shower inside, every day! What I am trying to say is that it rains a little most every day, just enough to keep the deck wet. This wetness has promoted the growth of these small fungi.


While I was focusing on the fungi, there was another fun guy watching me: a large skink.


Notice how it has lost its tail and has re-grown it. I have read the re-growth never looks quite as full as the original.

While this picture is not the one we were aiming for, the texture is pretty nice. And those toes are amazing!


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Dani said...

Skinks! You lucky women! :) I love 'em!