Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's a Garden Without Flowers?

As mentioned in the previous post, it was very, very early spring in Asheville. Still, the state arboretum was lovely with daffodils---thousands of them in many varieties.



This very large basket at the gift shop contained only live blooming plants. It was breath-taking.



This photo below shows white daffodils with lavender creeping phlox. The phlox was found in several shades of light purple and spreads over hillsides.



The tulips outside were still coming up, but the grape hyacinth's were stunning and we saw them, and the old naturalized daffodils, in almost everyone's yard and also in places that were once yards.



This was a different kind of redbud tree --different from Florida's--just getting started. 100_2108

The flowers reminded me of sea urchins! --Which would actually work with Florida.



The yellow forsythia shrubs have run wild over the countryside, but where they were pruned last summer, they were covered in blossoms.




At the farmhouse where we stayed, there was forsythia and daffodils and grape hyacinth, as well as senecio and pussywillows.

The naturalized daffodils grew all around the house on the hill, enjoying that good drainage that they require.


I cut a few of the pussywillows and daffodils and put them in a Mason jar and we enjoyed them all week on the kitchen table.


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