Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to St. Marks

Since S had been sick, we had not been to the lighthouse in over 5 weeks and were kind of missing it. This morning, we decided to make a run down there. Had heard some bear stories this week about Old Plank Road, our favorite route, and were still hoping to come across one again.

Well, we didn't!

But we will always hope.

At the Visitor's Center, this big guy was in the pond, but had his head raised in a rather awkward position.


The spiderworts were extremely happy down there.


Continuing the theme of blue and green, the cedars were covered in tiny, light blue berries.



The smell of the prescribed burn could still be detected. I think the texture and form of this burned palm was interesting, rather what you might get if you crossed a giant, roasted pineapple with a broken umbrella. An umapple or a pinebrella.


On the boardwalk up to the Visitor's Center, we barely missed stepping on this beautiful Rosy Maple Moth, Dryocampa
rubicunda. Someone had probably not missed stepping on it, as it appeared injured on its abdomen.


Check out the pink, furry legs. I think I had some sox like that once. (This is from S, not B!)


The antennae do not show up well in the other pictures, but they are clear in this one.


These are so named for their color, as well as their diet. The larva can become pests on maple trees. But on the positive side, the adults are really striking.

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David said...

Impressed with the gator shot - A far cry from the old point and shoot "just another gator picture".