Monday, April 7, 2008

Garden Quilts

On Wednesday of our trip, we went to the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville. It is a project of UNC. We had not heard of it and only found it in printed materials describing what to do in the area. The 434-acre site is nestled in a beautiful natural setting and even in this very early spring, it was a deal at the $6 per car load to get in. We went first to the greenhouses where friendly workers and volunteers readily described what they were doing. Most of their extensive bonsai  collection was residing safely in there.They will be moved to the designated outdoor garden when it is warmer.

From there we went to the main building and out into the series of gardens. The quilt garden, a floral representation of a traditional quilt pattern, can be viewed from a overlook. It was planted in pansies now.


Inside the education building was an exhibit of quilts. Here are a few of S's favorites:

Antique Buttons



The printed words were made to look like fingerprints.


Mason Jars

The jars were created with sheer fabric with printed fabric under that had tomatoes and peppers (left corner) and lizards and other nature stuff on the top left. Those are actual sox hanging out of the drawer. On the bottom right there was an actual postcard and other keepsakes. It was just toooo cool!


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