Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marsh Therapy

Life is a tad stressful right now, so after church and the rain stopped, we made a run to St. Mark's for therapy.

We ran into two different families that we know. They were there for the same purpose. There are a hundred reasons not to go, but it calls us, all the same.


We saw a tiny 3 inch alligator snapping turtle crossing the road.


This one shows the characteristic head. He or she was so young the back  was not rough, as we expect from this kind of turtle. Because these turtles have extremely powerful jaws, we did not pick it up. B guarded it from an on-coming car with his boot and then when the coast was clear, we let it proceed to the other side and into the deep grass.



The big story of the day was the numerous alligators. We even saw one crossing the road, but did not get that photographed.




The black necked stilts are mating down there. Gotta love those pink legs. We probably saw a dozen.



Some days, a marsh is as good as a massage.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Snapper would have been a nice addition to your pond.