Sunday, February 3, 2008

WHO, Part II

In the previous entry, we mentioned going to the WHO, the Wildlife Heritage and Outdoor Festival at the St.Marks Wildlife Refuge. There were a number of exhibits, including this one by the Jefferson Longrifles, showing a (mostly) period-correct (1640-1840) camp-site.



The turkey in this dutch oven was almost done.


They had brought along their black powder rifles and we tried our hands at throwing "hawks," small hatchets, at a playing card on a big log. 

On the drive to the lighthouse,itself, we passed what may well have been the biggest gator we have ever seen. We estimated his length to be 10-11 feet.  He was across the canal from us and we figured the water was cold, but none of us were willing to stretch the tape to check his measurements anyway. He was covered with dying duck weed but his eye had a look of arrogance.


He put the "wild" in the wildlife festival.

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