Sunday, February 10, 2008

Small Spring Break

Spent some time working in our yard today and then rewarded ourselves with a quick trip to a city park, A.J.Henry Park. We were a little surprised to find that spring has arrived there in the woods by the small lake. The trilliums (see Winter Woods entry) were blooming and many trees had tiny new leaves. The maples' winged seeds that we wrote about in Seeing Red, had opened up and dropped and were gracing the boardwalk. They were like little valentines: so lovely!


There were many birds in and around the water: white ibises, grebes, great egrets, bufflehead ducks (or perhaps, hooded merganzers)and a kinglet. I was able to get two shots as an anhinga took off from his perch.



It hardly looks like the same bird with the sunlight on the feathers differently. It is a wonder they can cling to such a small branch with those big webbed feet. They must have a lot of bones in there to be able to wrap them around that way.

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