Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friends In High Places

This afternoon, B was working on his storage shed when he came upon another creature that had come to call the place home. In December, he had caught a large rat in there. Today's inhabitant was this fine gray treefrog. It was perched on a rafter under the roof.


It had the most beautiful camo markings: Realtree, don't you think?

B. put it on some Plexiglas so we could see its underside.


For all his camouflage above, when he stretched his legs, a brilliant golden yellow flashed. Have to wonder at the purpose of that.


Before we had finished taking its pictures, it got a little friendly with B.



And with all the rain we've had and (as David pointed out) all the mosquitoes we will get, we'll take him and all his friends to share our property.

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wlhawh said...

I like the new pet,