Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sugar-coating Spring

It does not snow here. or not very often. When we have heavy frost like we had this morning, it is about as close as we get. A few weeks ago, we had heavy frost and S took her bundled-up kindergartners out in the schoolyard to examine the beauty of frost. Each went armed with a magnifying glass. They would not have been more excited if it had been snow! Each brown leaf had been edged in crystals. The grass crunched under our feet. We even discovered a wheelbarrow with a large sheet of ice in it: fascinating stuff! We were able to find water in solid, liquid and vapor forms, one of our more difficult kindergarten concepts for five-year-olds to grasp.

I did not have my camera that day, to my regret. This morning when I discovered we had a good frost again, I made sure to take it along to school. I was able to get a few quick shots before my official work day began. Spring is further along now and there are various winter weeds popping up in the grass.

B and I searched and searched to identify this one and came up empty. Any ideas, readers?





Mexican Poppy, Vetch, and Henbit


Even that devil Florida Betony has  charm when it is sugar-coated.


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David said...

The first one is awesome!