Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Heron Day!

Before our Thanksgiving dinner for two, B and I made a run down to the lighthouse. The weather was just perfect and there were a few others who had the same idea. Here is the dike and spill dam at the East River. We have had seven inches of rain here in November and the water was running.

The eagles were at their nest. The second was in an adjacent pine, but no sign of this year's young.

The gators of all sizes and large turtles were out on the banks enjoying the warm sun with the cool breeze. These turtles were much larger than dinner plates.

The butterflies were seeking shelter out of the wind. We saw very few.

This great blue heron was keeping one leg warm up under its breast feathers.

"Just because my head is blue, doesn't mean I'm a turkey, you know. "

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