Saturday, June 29, 2013

Did Froggie Go A-Courtin'?

Recently, I looked out the kitchen window and noticed that we had an extra frog. We have several that have been given to us, but this one had come on its own.

I think it is a pig frog, but I sent  pictures to an expert, who said it could be a pig frog but he was leaning more towards a bullfrog, and that the hind leg pattern would be the determining characteristic. Well, I am not willing to disturb this critter just to be able to look at its legs for an identification. I love looking out and seeing her. I am pretty sure it is a her because her ear is about the size of her eye. Guys have larger ears. She is, by the way, the size  of my fist.

She has been hanging out for over a week now and, with any luck, we might get tadpoles!

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