Thursday, January 5, 2012

Harry Possum in the Kitchen

On Thanksgiving Eve, a family member was rudely awakened by the constant barking of a neighbor's dog that had come up on the patio in the middle of the night. It was quickly determined that the dog was barking at a possum that was also on the patio. The family member, wishing to be relieved of the noise, went out and squirted the dog with the hose. For good measure, he also squirted the possum. Unfortunately, the glass doors had been left open and the possum took it's escape---inside!

Another couple of family members were enlisted to help remove said possum as it explored the kitchen. It was promptly dispatched with the aid of a broom. The possum has been named, Harry Possum. The family members are going by the collective "possum herders."

For Christmas this year, I found these little possum mama models for each of them. I took the the kitchen.

And for the record, the word is.....wet possums smell really bad!

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