Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sleeping Beauty?

Or maybe Prince Charming?

I was cleaning out some of the ton of leaves that had threatened to fill in our little goldfish pond when the net revealed this palm-sized frog. It was definitely asleep and only moved a little when I gently dumped it out with the leaves onto the grass.


When B came so that I could take a picture, it began to awaken. Look at its beautiful pattern on its belly.


B put it on a rock by the pond and I got one picture before….


it jumped back in the pond!


I sent these pictures to a UF herpetologist and the ID was undecided between bullfrog and pig frog, but leaning toward bullfrog. We have heard  bullfrogs in the swamp across the cul-de-sac and  have had pig frogs in the little pond, so either does sound likely. The very dark color was not what is shown in frog ID pictures for either, complicating it for me. Either way, it was a good-sized, sleepy frog.


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