Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Making Plans

I have never specifically written that what we are building is a pool enclosure----without the pool. It will be an  aluminum frame and fiberglass screen: three walls and a hipped screen roof and one screen door.

On Saturday morning, the contractor came with an assistant and prepared to construct the screen by taking (and retaking) measurements of the slab, the height and slope of the gutter and other measurements.




They will cut the pieces at their warehouse on Tuesday after Labor Day and then expect to assemble the screen room in our yard on Wednesday.

When they were gone, I sat out there and drank another cup of coffee and just enjoyed. I tried to think of ways to improve our landscape design, which has been less design and more plant collecting. When we moved here twelve years ago, there were no shrubs or flowers in the back yard and very little grass. The previous owners had big dogs that had obviously been enjoying themselves. What we did and still have are many trees. We have removed seven and one pine and one cherry died on their own. There are many more. Sitting on the porch I counted twenty-seven trees before  I quit.


About half the yard, we have left fairly wild, though it is a bit too wild now, for my liking.   I also hope to add some evergreen shrubs that will provide some screening for privacy in other places. It is a challenge but there is time.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. I know how much enjoyment you will get out of that room.