Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lake Seminole State Park

We went up to Bainbridge, Georgia with two objectives this afternoon: to check out the antique stores for a piece of furniture I've been looking for for about a year, and to visit the state park on Lake Seminole, 20 miles west of there, for the first time. Round trip was 145 miles.

We did do quick run-throughs of five antique shops, all of which warrant a much closer look, but we were trying to stick with the shopping list that consists of one item: a china cabinet. We found a number of them, but none were IT.

On to Lake Seminole. It is a pleasant enough drive through the country around the north side of the lake to the park. The park was fairly spread out around a small finger of the lake. It has its merits. It was clean. The ranger was pleasant. If you wanted to take your boat, you could keep it at your campsite on the bank. There are 14 two-bedroom cottages on the lake that look worth looking into further. We missed the privacy that we are used to at campsites. There was none. It was all very open under large pines and a few turkey oaks.

This little pavilion (we guess) is used for chapel services.


We "be" in the Bible belt, you know.

Another rather unique feature is what they call their treehouse. It does have privacy. It is down an unpaved road with a lockable gate. It is set in a large and lovely area of wiregrass and longleaf pines.


It is actually a large screen room on stilts. It had a picnic table and a fire grill.


It is meant to sleep 15 in its 30'x30' area.


It looked like a fun concept except for the large hole ripped in the screen by the locking door, no doubt by vandals. The skeeters probably get pretty bad.

This display in the little commissary cracked me up.


You can actually buy a s'mores kit for some ridiculous price; I think it was about ten dollars.


Of course, you do get campfire songs!

On the way home we were in the path of flock after flock of birds heading south toward the lake. All totaled, there more than a thousand. The light was all wrong and they were just above the treetops, so I am not sure what they were. I saw a flock at a puddle that were starlings, so this may have been what they all were. That is the right size and shape. It was pretty amazing to have them just keep passing overhead like that.

We stopped in Bainbridge and bought gas at $1.49, which was also fairly amazing, considering what we were paying just weeks ago.

Mission accomplished and a fine afternoon.


Anonymous said...

The wiregrass/longleaf landscape is so peaceful. Nice photos!

Kimberlee said...

That smore kit is hilarious! But I have to admit that I'd like to get a look at the songs! :)