Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Favorite Hurricanes

Our passion for hurricane lilies, Lycoris radiata, began many years ago. We have dozens of bulbs and look forward to them blooming every September. We love their unique radial form and delicate appearance, as well as their lovely rosy coral color.


We like their surprise effect in that they will have nothing visible above ground and suddenly there will be a bud on a long stalk.  In a week, there will be a dozen or more blooming-- with others on the way.

Though they can grow in the sun, ours are all in at least part shade and some are doing just fine in rather dense shade.

More recently (within the past six or so years), B. brought home a variation on the favorite, Lycoris africana. It is a larger, golden hurricane lily. They are much more showy and have green leaves coming up after the last frost but send up their buds a little later than most of the coral ones.




The coral hurricane lilies are fairly common homestead flowers. They spread, though slowly. We are not above rescuing them from the highway mowers and road graders. Does that make us hurricane hunters?

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