Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wet Roads, Wet Rhodes

The trip back from the lighthouse took us past roads still suffering, a week after the rains of Fay.  Some places that we drove through still had wet pavement, though it had not rained: the water had only recently receded to the sides.





This is Rhodes Spring. We wrote about it in February. Here is how it looks now. There was no sign of the spring. It was just water everywhere, all out in the woods and earlier in the week, it had been running over the road. This picture does not do it justice but it was very shady. There was no sign of dry land.


This was taken last February. Many times, we have walked along the banks of this stream and spring. The water stays clear and you can see the swirl of the spring.


Obviously this area has been wet before. Look at the cypress trees. It will, no doubt, recover. However, we passed many flooded areas on our drive that day. Cypress trees are used to water; hundred year old live oaks and huge pines--- not so much. They did not grow to be so grand by keeping their feet wet. Hopefully, the water they are currently standing in will be gone fairly soon.

The roads I need to use to get to school are still flooded, too. I drive into town and back out again each way, now. But these are minor inconveniences. Many homes were flooded by Fay. I can only imagine the frustration that brings.

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