Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh, Dam!

We were wondering how wet it might be in some of our local wandering places so this morning we went down to the lighthouse at the St. Marks National Refuge.

A week after Fay, there was water all along the road from start to finish. We checked the spill dam at the East River.

We usually walk across here.


Below is the East River Pool that was spilling over the dam into the river.


Here is the base of the dam. Little breaks in the concrete allowed extra foam to come out in the middle.



The north wind was fairly brisk and the foam blew off from the bottom far into the East River.


Apparently, the fishing had been good for some big birds here. As we approached we watched a bald eagle fly off. (Of course, I did not have my camera ready for the shot!)


The water was moving right along, but there was a good sized gator managing to stay in a calmer area, near where the water flowed into the river.


Closer to where we parked was another spill dam that has a bridge over it. At the water level below us, snails were clinging to the side of the wall. They were protected from the water's force but they were in a position to stay wet. Some were periwinkle shells.


Many bream and other fish were there and a carp was hanging around, sucking air--not sure why they do that.


There's more to this show and tell: the story will continue.

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