Friday, November 23, 2007

Evening at St. Mark's Lighthouse

Had a wonderful, busy day after Thanksgiving. We are not among those who sprint for the Black Friday pre-dawn sales events. Late morning, we went to the park and took our Christmas family portrait. After lunch and some other errands in town, we went down to the St. Mark's Lighthouse. We got there as the sun was getting low. The wind was quite chilly and the jackets felt good. A son took this photo of the two bald eagles in a tree near their nest.100_0767

We were at the lighthouse itself when the sun set.




As the sun was setting, the full moon was rising.



Every time we go down to the lighthouse, we are always given some special treat from nature: the sky this evening was simply spectacular.

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Donna and Dave said...

great idea!! we always enjoy your pics and this is a good way to keep up with your goings on. keep it up!