Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HUGE Sharks!

Over Spring Break, we took a trip to Atlanta to visit family. While there, the guys fished one day on the Chattahoochee and then the rain started. We went to the Georgia Aquarium one day, where fishing is frowned upon--with or without a license. We had expected it to be cool. It was awesome!

Our favorite part was the tunnel. We liked it so much, we went through twice. The tunnel goes through the bottom of the enormous tank, which is the largest in the world. The fish swim around and over the long tunnel as visitors walk through. Here is a bunch of large rays swimming over us.

There were also a few enormous ones.

There is an amphitheater, with a sixty-foot wall of glass. 

Here is that window with a thirty-foot whale shark swimming by. 

They have four of those big guys!

And huge grouper: five or more feet long and all snuggled up to the glass. 

More about the aquarium in a future post.

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