Wednesday, October 2, 2013

While He Catches Fish, She Catches Images

B likes to fish this little canal that leads to the East River down at St. Marks. I like to sit and see what interesting things I can spot.  What follows are recent samplings.

I have long considered kingfishers to be the impossible bird to photograph. They seem to have an uncanny sense that tells them that you have at last raised your camera, which is their signal  to fly off, cackling to themselves. But I caught this one! And also the blue dragonfly behind its head!

There are often others fishing, as well.

The morning glories have been abundant this year.

The sneezeweed is, too.

Horsemint is such an interesting plant.

The muhly grass and deer tongue are brightening up the pinewoods.

Butterflies are becoming more and more obvious in their numbers as they migrate.

Sometimes there is a surprise view.

There are often gators for watching and being watched.

This second guy was enormous. 

His head was way out in the water and he had left at least four feet of tail on the bank.

What a wonderful way to spend time on a breezy fall day.

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Wally Jones said...

Beautiful sights, indeed! I love that area.

Did B catch anything?

Hope your mornings are starting to turn a bit cooler.