Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Farm Tour

B and I were enticed to explore the local farm tour this past weekend. We were surprised to learn that 40 different locations were participating. We only visited two, but we had a great time.

At one farm, there was a corn maze with fun scarecrows throughout. While, going through a corn maze is on my life's to-do list, this one was not quite the one I'm looking for. The corn was a little short for me.

There were rides: this one shown, as well as a little train of barrels pulled by a lawn mower.

There were of course LOTS of animals to see, touch and feed.

This stock tank filled with dry corn was popular with the kids. Check out the little girl with the white shirt filled to bulging with corn.

There were several varieties of chicken tractors available for sale. I only learned about chicken tractors a few years ago. So I will share that these are little chicken houses that can be moved around the yard to allow the birds to eat the bugs and fertilize in different locations. 

This little greenhouse was so charming! They had put thought and time into its design. I love it. Notice the guttering leading to rain barrels.

A slightly different view.

It was fun and informative. It was free except for the gas to get there. We bought some local honey from a beekeeper and other products were available.

We will be looking for it next year!

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