Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dear, Deer, Deere!

Our  dear grandson is nineteen months old and crazy about tractors. His first words spoken in his sleep were, "Tractor. Tractor." Last Friday evening, we met him and his parents at the garden where there are two tractors  parked. In the road on the way in, there were three fawns scampering around. We stopped to watch. Here are two.

When I opened the car door to get out our little dear, he was repeating, "Deer, deer, deer!" I said, " He couldn't see the deer. His car seat sits backwards." Our son said, "He's saying, 'Deere, Deere, Deere!' This tractor he sees is a John Deere." And so it was. 

Once released, he made a beeline for the tractor.

One happy camper, making tractor noises.
He also got to sit on an old Ford tractor. 

Then he walked the field, pointing out to us the moon, two horses, dirt, rocks, leaves, trees, ant piles and even a plow.

We are firm believers that kids need to experience the outside. Little B seems to agree.

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