Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vampire Blender

B and I received a blender as a wedding gift over 35 years ago. It has served extremely well. Once we had to replace a couple of pieces and B has sharpened the blade.  Recently though, it has been showing signs of weariness. You know your blender has had it when it won't chop up a ripe banana!
So we started looking in stores and online. Last Sunday, we were in Target when I found what looked like a good buy: a blender that has over 100 happy buyers that submitted their remarks to ---and it included an attachment that made it also serve as a food processor. Now that we have tomatoes coming out our ears, I have begun to experiment with different salsa recipes and a blender/food processor is essential for what I want. 

As we unpacked the box, the blade fell out of the food processor cup and sliced my lower leg. So...we know this one is sharp!

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