Sunday, June 10, 2012

Making Tracks for the Chicken Shack

We were traveling recently in our home state of Florida but in an area we are not familiar with. We found ourselves kind of in the middle of nowhere with no lunch. We drove and drove. Finally, we came upon a little cafe that had lots of cars and even more pick-ups. We took that as a good sign and stopped. Chicken tracks had been stamped into the concrete sidewalk leading to the door. 

Chicken was their specialty, but because we were needing to get back on the road and they were busy, we both opted for the vegetable plates and that turned out to be a good choice. Our plates arrived faster and we had tasty country-style fried okra, green beans, fried eggplant, coleslaw, greens, field peas and cornbread. I washed mine down with some good sweet tea. 

As interesting as the place, were the patrons and the employees. There were regulars who just came in and sat down. Apparently, the wait staff knew what they wanted because they brought the plate of food without ever presenting the menu. There were ladies out for lunch together. The two retiree men who looked to be straight off the golf course at the table beside us, had brought their cribbage board and entertained themselves as they waited for their meals to arrive. One of the daily specials on the chalkboard was described as three drumsticks. One of these guys cracked himself up asking where they find three-legged chickens and commenting that he imagined they were pretty hard to catch!

It was a good stop and, if we could ever find it again, we would go back.

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