Friday, January 2, 2009

A Curious Parade

It was cold here on New Year's Day. The sun never shone until it was setting. So after a little yard work, we decided to go for a drive in the country. Rather late in the afternoon, we stopped the car to consult the DeLorme atlas to make sure that we were about where we thought we were. After confirming that and deciding on our route, we looked up to see a curious parade passing us on the other side of the fence. It was a mixed assortment of animals. The band leader was this little donkey.


He was followed by a crony or two.



And then some cows and this little darling:



And then more cows and a really big bull

and then this poor darling:


Don't ya hate it when that happens?

She was having a really bad horn day. It's probably nothing a curling iron couldn't fix. Still, it was very curious.

But we refuse to take this as an omen for the coming year!


caroline said...

Is this the cow with the crumpled horn of "The House that Jack Built" nursery rhyme fame, do you suppose?
Caroline in South Dakota

Kimberlee said...

Oh, I definitely think she is a prophetic cow. Those horns were meant to tell us that just when things seem stuck in a downward spiral we can expect a significant upward trend.

Well, that's what the horns could mean as long as she doesn't turn around. :)