Monday, December 1, 2008

Two Rats in Two Days: Too Many

B set the trap in the shed again last night and again this morning there was a rat. Now we don't really believe it is the same rat that played peek-a-boo with us under the truck yesterday, but it sure looks like it! We took that one a few miles (and across a river) away.


So we took this one to the same spot. Maybe they will find each other. (Cue the music Somewhere Out There from American Tail !)

The rats may or may not be learning anything, but we did. This time, we left the truck and walked a ways before opening the trap. This time, after a moment of indecision,  it went to the ditch.


B has set it again. If there is another one, we may have to do some serious thinking. 

There has been the plague of snakes this summer


and then it was the frogs


and now rats!


and the younger son says the pipes where he has been living for the past 11 weeks have been known to run red.

Could it be a sign?

1 comment:

Floridacracker said...

Uh oh.
At least you will have earned brownie points for being kind to rats.