Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, Rats! Number Three

Well the trap was set for two more nights and each  night the corn chip bait was stolen and the door was left partly ajar. B checked the trap this morning and BINGO!, the third time charmed--- at least for us. There was the third rat. This one was a little smaller than the others, but perhaps the smartest.


"Now, how did I work this before?"


We think we have gotten our money's worth out of the Havahart trap.

We took the rat to the same place as the others. Well, almost the same place as there was a man in a truck parked at the same place. We thought about asking if he had any rats in his wheel wells.

This little guy didn't jump at me. In fact, it didn't run at all.



It ambled down into the ditch, nibbling as it went. Guess the corn chips ran out on it. It had been acting pretty much like the others, so it did not appear sick. It just seemed nonchalant, or perhaps it was just curious about this new place and continuing to show its intelligence. Whatever, it did not act scared once it was out of the cage.


We left before it did.


Enough with the rats, already!

Coming home tonight, a fox crossed the road in front of me. I thought, "Why aren't you at our house, eating rats?!"

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