Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dam Cormorants

The robins had arrived at Torreya. We also saw an eagle's nest--- but no residents. There were lots of cardinals about and some ruby crowned kinglets.

After we left the park, we decided to check out the Jim Woodruff Dam in Chattahoochee. Chattahoochee has its charm, mostly from its geography. It has lots of hills and holes and sits on both sides of the dam, claiming views of both Lake Seminole and the Apalachicola River.

We found the dam was holding most of the water, though the current was strong at the base. The last time we were there last winter, it was coming over in torrents, spraying out  mist over large areas. This time, the entertainment was the birds: cormorants by the dozen were fishing. A few gulls joined them, but mostly cormorants. Our son counted over 75 perched on the concrete, alone! That was about half that we could see. The rest were swimming and diving in the water.


I don't know how the fisherfolk were not catching them. Of course, maybe it can be a variation on the surf-n-turf combo.

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Aunty Belle said...

Howdy do!

Thanky fer visitin' mah Front Porch...and I'se real pleased to see yore blog! I read Torreya too--I never knowed of this park. Ya' makes me wanna come visit up round thar'.

These posts on our natural beauty are jes' terrific!

Pleased to "meet" ya!