Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cape San Blas

Last Sunday, with the encouragement of our older son, we drove down a road that proved to be a wonderful adventure and a highlight of the weekend. It took us to the Cape San Blas Lighthouse. It has been fenced off and looked like the keeper's cottage needed serious work, but it was an interesting site anyway.





We found it interesting that the sign said it had been moved six or seven times further inland. We thought you would know how many times a lighthouse had been moved. It would be, after all, a rather major undertaking.

From there we walked down to the beach and were amazed at the  quantity and quality of shells there. Here are the ones I kept. These cockle shells are hand-size!


The wind had died down some and the temperature risen so that some of us shed our jackets and we spent quite some time exploring. Though it was warmer, there were still only a few folks out on the beach.

There was a long tidal pool where I found fairly large jellyfish.



This is the largest intact pen shell I have seen in a while.


Sometime in the recent past a powerful flooding tide had come in and uprooted large trees and tossed them around and pulled down a chain link fence. That only added to the interesting places to explore.


I now have a new favorite beach for shelling.

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