Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tall Timbers Turns 50

In northern Leon County just south of the Georgia line, lies Tall Timbers Research Station. To be exact, some of the approximately 4,000 acres extend into Georgia. This afternoon they were celebrating their 50th anniversary.

There were exhibits and children's activities and a tour of the original home there.


Nice view from the rose fence. The lawn runs down to Lake Iamonia.


We enjoyed an hour long wagon ride around some of the property. The open woods were full of fall wildflowers.

One of the main focuses of their research there is fire ecology. Our younger son has been participating in this as one of two interns for the past several weeks and is about half done.

Today we saw a demonstration of a prescribed fire.100_4736

The different stages of the burn were described and their purposes explained.

This is a tool for lighting a spreading line of fire. It is called a drip torch.


This ATV is used when monitoring. The bag on the front contains water and has a sprayer.



No kidding.


This burn was allowed to char only about an acre. The benefits are many. "It reduces fuel load that can increase wildfire risk. It suppresses hardwoods that can discourage some endangered wildlife such as some sparrows and gopher tortoises, as well as  quail. It encourages new growth of native plants and is key in the nitrogen cycle," says our son.

I learned a lot about the actual methods of burning: some of the precautions and strategies.

We got to see where he has been living and thought his drive was just lovely.


To learn more about prescribed fire:

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