Saturday, October 18, 2008

Midlife Crisis

We went to a garage sale this morning and I came away having bought a kayak.

It was B who saw it first, hanging on the wall in the garage: a 12 foot, dark green Old Town.

Now, five dollars is generally my limit for garage sale expenses, so this was an extravagant purchase.

I know several women who enjoy kayaking. There was a time when I thought I might be more comfortable in a kayak than in a canoe and actually talked about getting one. Somehow that managed to take a back burner to other activities and expenses.

So today, when we spotted a bargain, we called our kayak consultants: our sons. They quickly agreed we should get it. And so we did.

It looks really pretty in turquoise in the picture below. However,it is actually dark green.



I'm calling it my midlife crisis so the sticker that names it a "Loon" seems rather appropriate.

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