Monday, October 13, 2008

Kolomoki Festival

The 38th Annual Kolomoki Festival was taking place while we were at the park camping with B's boy scouts. It was surprisingly well-attended. There was quite the variety from an entertainment stage where young dance teams performed to flint knappers to craft and food booths to a pontoon boat ride.

I was particularly fascinated by a woman blacksmith. I have never seen one before.


Here, the picture gives the illusion that her shirt is on fire!


There were weavers and spinners:


Flint knappers (as mentioned):


A potter:


There were wildlife displays. This alligator skull came from a 13- footer that was killed in the river.



The crafts included marshmallow shooters in a rainbow of choices!


Other crafts were more refined, including some beautiful wood work. One of our group bought a large box built to high standards, for a reasonable price.

We enjoyed a 30-minute ride on a large pontoon boat. Two young rangers from the park described how Indians used the local, native plants that were pointed out growing on the banks.


There was also an antique tractor parade! It was fun to see the variety of tractors as well as the variety of folks driving them!





But this one was the best for us: check it out!



We went to talk to the driver/owner after the parade. He did an excellent job of telling about his project. If we remember correctly, it was a 1952 Standard Twin. He had added most of the back so that his grandkids could ride with him. He had a wonderful personality that came through as he spoke.


It was a fun time and we recommend that you check it out sometime.

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The potter is a FSU grad.