Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Pack Rat Confessions

In preparation for the tree work, we found we needed to move a lot of things that would either be in the workers' way or might get damaged in the process. These items included a canoe, a jon-boat, a glass-topped table, an umbrella-type clothesline, a pole-type bird feeder, a birdbath,  and more things. This brought to our attention other items that were no longer useful, including lots of decaying wood in the form of mostly boards and a few tables. We filled the pick-up twice and took it to the landfill.


Another load was mostly metal stuff, including broken lawn equipment that had collected over the years, rusting metal chairs, a weight bench set, a couple of tired wagons (that were actually tire-less and rusted through), and part of a Mo-ped a son once thought might be useful.

We will both admit to being trash pile rubberneckers: we are compelled to look it over, even if we don't stop. B spends more time on the road and has the pick-up to throw it in. It is his nature to see the glass half full: there is potential in the stuff brought home. A peek in and around the shed in back will show that through the years, a lot of potential has come in, but the make-overs have not happened yet. So there is more to do. But a good start has been made and it is a good feeling to have worked toward de-cluttering our yard.

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