Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Hot Seat at the Range

People are crazy. Check out the doors to the "new" bathrooms at the public range in the National Forest where we go on occasion for target practice.  We were invited on Saturday to go with our friends and so we did.


By the time we left and I took this picture, nature was calling but not so loudly as to make me go in there!

We have never witnessed any inappropriate shooting like this when we were there. We do not stay very long when we visit. And if we become uncomfortable with the behavior of the people there, we leave. But it is disturbing to see that armed and crazy people do come out there and vandalize the place in such a dangerous manner. I assume this happens at night and we would never go near it after dark when it is supposed to be closed anyway.

Today was like most of our other trips to the range. B brought his .22 rifle and our friends brought a few of their guns. They are generous and let us try them out and it is interesting to see how they all differ. In the past our sons have also joined us, but now they live out of town. These are our guys: all three in this picture are trained and certified shooting instructors.


We drove over the Fisher Creek bridge and it is once again bone dry.

We walked down to Dog Lake and it is little more than two puddles. We have never seen it so low.100_3496

The logs on the beach used to be at the shoreline. Today it was 44 paces more to the water's edge.

Clear Lake still has plenty of water, indicating a good spring is in there somewhere and we promised to put canoes in there soon.

There are plenty of wonderful places to enjoy and explore in the National Forest.


I guess because of its wildness and remoteness, people have for many years felt it was a place to go wild themselves. Let's hope that their behavior will not greatly infringe upon the rights and safety of those of us who go there simply to appreciate its natural beauty.


David said...

It looks like a great trip! Wish we could have come along with you! Those are / _were_ nice's a shame folks don't understand that's their own tax money at work. :(

wlhawh said...

The pictures came out well.
The Dog Lake one is sad.