Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He Doesn't Have a Prayer

We had just finished the blessing at supper, when I noticed another prayer: B had a small praying mantis on his sleeve. He took it outside to find its own dinner. He had put it on an old tee-shirt on the tailgate of his truck. It was still there later, so I took some pictures. The first one is larger than the mantis actually is.



When we were done, B moved it to the hickory tree, where its camou is amazing.



There are 20 species of mantises that are native to the United States and other non-natives that have been widely introduced for pest control, as they eat all kinds of bugs, both beneficial and those deemed destructive. They are also commonly cannibalistic, particularly with their mates. Around the globe, some species of mantises get very large and are known to eat lizards, mice, snakes, and hummingbirds.

Our little guy is more like gnat-eater. Surprisingly, he has been in the same spot for the last couple of days. We assume, he must have an injury of some kind. To our eyes, his right front leg did not seem to be working properly. He did not move into the characteristic praying position. 


Here's lookin' at you, kid!

Hang in there, little guy.

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