Friday, June 27, 2014

Walking Mountains Science Center

We have just returned from a wonderful trip West and the next posts will be following us through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

We flew from Tallahassee to Denver and rented a car. Denver is extending their rail system to include the airport and we have hopes that this will improve the process of car rental for travelers. We have twice had poor service from the counters of two different rental companies at the Denver airport. Let's just say they need to have a serious attitude adjustment.

Leaving the airport, we hit the big REI downtown and then the Dollar Tree, where everything is $1. We loaded up on supplies that we were not able to carry on the plane: laundry detergent, snacks, 4 gallons of water, sunscreen, 2 pillowcases, a butane lighter and much, much more. It is a great place to pick up temporary items. Then we drove to Eagle, CO, near Vail, where our son, D, and his girlfriend, K, are.

The next morning, we were given a tour of the fabulous environmental education center, Walking Mountains, where K works. As with many places, my tour began in the restroom. 8^)

Look at the beautiful sink with its fossils.

And the tracks on the floor.

And the paintings above each commode. Each painting was different.

This was just a sample of what we would see there.

There was a beaver's lodge in the main exhibit room that children could crawl in.

This exhibit was about the pine beetle that is killing so many trees out West.

As the lettering about indicates, the wood used for the buildings came from trees killed by the pine beetles. This little window shows the straw that is used as a natural insulator in the walls.

Here is K's classroom.

This is the view from the little deck out the back door. 

A large hawk was tending a nest on the hillside.

Here is the touch control panel for AV needs.

Solar  panels and a solar water heater are shown here.

We walked trails and boardwalks through a wetland where many activities take place.
The garbage is kept in a bear-safe area, where the snow shovels were also hanging out.

It is such a beautiful facility and we were so glad to have pictures in our head of where our K spends much of her work day. Here is the webpage for Walking Mountains:

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