Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don't Mock the Moccasins

We went along on a paddling trip on the Wacissa River in Jefferson County last weekend. We saw several gators and some turtles. The yellow flies feasted on B and me, but thankfully left the grandson and his parents alone. This was just his second trip out on the water, and we were terribly impressed that he was happy for a full two hours! He had a little toy fishing rod and reel and he fished with his daddy in the kayak. I used a net to scoop up minnows, shrimp, tiny crayfish, snails and a dragonfly nymph for him to see in a bucket.

When we were heading back to the landing, B spotted a big moccasin in the exposed roots of a tree at water's edge on an island.

Looking with binoculars, there were clearly TWO big moccasins in this snake condo.

 Despite the impression, we did not get close. I used the zoom lens and we kept our distance. These were big snakes and best left undisturbed.

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