Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stay Out of My Drawers!

And out of our house.

It happened again. Our house was broken into.

This time, they took wrapped Christmas gifts, B's anniversary watch and not only my jewelry, but the drawer it was in! I now have an antique two-drawer chest with only one drawer.

Before, they took the jewelry box and all of its contents from the same drawer. I had not replaced the box and was just using cardboard and tins to hold items that I had bought after the other daily wear things were stolen. The last time, they had not bothered with my Christmas jewelry and fall things that a kindergarten teacher likes to wear. This time, all of that was in the drawer and lost, save what I had on that day: a snowman pin and earrings.

This all happened on 12-12-12. Wasn't that supposed to be a lucky day? I guess the lucky part was that they did not come in armed when we were home. It was mid-morning. And other than the thefts and destroying the doorway, they did not make a mess.

We refused to let the Grinch win. I was able to reorder the gifts taken and they arrived on time. B is working on the door repairs to shore up the results of two forced entries. I think it will look better than ever when he is done.

Yesterday, we learned that a neighborhood eighteen-year-old has been arrested and charged with two burglaries in our area and is suspected of others that occurred in a short period of time, including ours. It is all just too sad to see a young man with so much--their house is certainly nicer than our modest one--turn to crime, engaging in the destruction of others' property. His family must be heartbroken.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of recovering the missing items?

S N B said...

We do not feel it is likely. We continue to look roadside for the drawer, though.