Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Big Weekend

It would seem that at least for now, the blog is usable again. Yay! Thank you for the kind comments of encouragement. I have begun to be inundated with spam comments. So to help prevent that, I have adjusted an option that will also disallow anonymous comments. I rather regret that the two seem to have to go together as I have enjoyed all comments that relate to the blog, but all these ads have really gotten out of hand.

So, the big weekend is finally winding down. And I must say, it is really quiet here at our house tonight.

On Friday, I took the day off from school and B and I drove down to Gainesville. Our first born graduated at the University of Florida as a PhD. Thank you, Lord!

We could not be more proud. His wife and their nine month old son were there to celebrate with  us. Our younger son was able to come from Missouri where he is in graduate school to see his brother hooded. The father-in-law also came to show support.

We all came back to our house for the weekend. It was such a gift to be all together again.

Then on Sunday morning, our grandson was baptized in our church. It was a ritual of promises made to raise him in a Christian home and within a church. He was just too sweet in his little, white bubble suit.

Life is very good here.

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