Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old St. Augustine

We had a good time wandering a bit through the streets of Old St. Augustine. Our lovely daughter-in-law gave us the inside story on many of the buildings as we walked.

This house is haunted  by music coming from the top room where the seaman left his wife locked in when he went away on ship, never to return.

Another house was owned by Al Capone. 

The Llambias house was begun prior to 1763 and was completed to its present form in 1788. It was built by Minorcans who escaped from the failed New Smyrna colony.

This house has a cannonball stuck in its wall.

Below is the courtyard at the oldest house in Florida. The house was built in the early 1700s but the property has been inhabited since the 1600s.

This sign tells about another one of the oldest houses in town. It is made of coquina, a tiny shell that is abundant on the beaches here.

This wall is tabby, made from whole oyster shells.

Though not old, I loved the design of this door knocker on a wooden gate!

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Anonymous said...

Really nice shots.
Without a doubt my favorite town.