Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All My Presidents

Late last week while we were studying Washington and Lincoln, one of my kindergartners asked  how many U.S. Presidents there have been. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I did not know, but I told him we would find out. So today he and I went online and learned, as many of you already know,  that President Obama is our 44th president.  We discovered that the boy has been alive during two presidents. Looking back, I on the other hand have lived through eleven--- precisely one quarter of the forty-four. Now, there was a shocker! (And here I was wondering if I am actually old enough to be a grandmother to that baby that will arrive any day now!)

Along those same thoughts, a child brought me one of her  birthday cupcakes today. I told the class that she used to be in my kindergarten class and that today she is nine. One little guy asked, "How did she get to be so  old?" I replied that she has a birthday every year. He was astounded. "EVERY year??" I assured him it is so and I informed him that I got to be so old the very same way--by having a birthday every year. He was truly amazed.

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