Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snow in July

At the higher elevations, the snow stays year round. As our road climbed in the Rocky Mountain National Park, as Floridians, we marveled at the sights.

 The elk were in the snow on this mountainside. The young ones were playing, sliding all around on the slopes.

I am pretty sure this lake was still frozen.

The pictures below were taken from the Alpine Visitors' Center. I caught a quick glimpse of a golden black bear as his head popped up in the vegetation far below. Another visitor pointed it out to me but I never saw it again.   

The snow had melted in waves around the building.

There were more elk out there in the snow.

We were interested in the sticks that guide snowplows. 

Below was our view as we picnicked in the car; it was too windy outside to hold onto lunch.

Finally, we came to a protected area where the evergreens beside the road were still standing in snowdrifts.

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