Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carbondale, Colorado: A Fun Town

I had read that Carbondale had won some award for being a great place to live. So when we were working out our route, I picked there to spend a night. In the end, we spent two.

We went into town for dinner at a little cafe called the Village Smithy. It is on the site of one of the town's  old blacksmiths. This ore cart full of flowers was out by the entrance.

This iron gate shows the blacksmith at work at an anvil. 

This double gate was at the bottom of the yard off from the open dining area where we ate in the pleasant evening air. 

Across the street from the restaurant was this barber shop. I am thinking that THE Floyd's of Mayberry (from the Andy Griffith Show, of course) did not have solar panels on the roof, nor did Floyd do coloring, manicures or pedicures.

On the same street was this little establishment.

This sign in front of a shop made me smile.....

But this one cracked me up!

And just WHO was driving this truck?

We enjoyed our evening in town and the two nights we slept in Carbondale.

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