Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rat Snake Round-up

I was weeding my way into the middle of our butterfly garden out front on Saturday when a large snake and I surprised each other. I sucked in my breath and said, "Big snake!" Once it came out where I could see it a little better, I knew it was a rat snake. I find such comfort in being able to identify our common snakes. We have come across more than a few moccasins in recent years and I like to know what I'm up against.
100 4277

B was away and our neighbors across the hedge heard me and confirmed that it was indeed a big snake. I was glad for our neighbor to take the snake down to the wetland across the cul-de-sac. That is certainly not to say it will not come back if it has found our yard to be welcoming.

100 4281

100 4279
100 4280

I estimate that the length was about five feet.
100 4282

Thanks, neighbor!

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wlh said...

I love it. I love rat snakes.