Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day at School

Well, I am here to tell you that elementary schools get into Valentines Day. (There is probably a law mandating that, too.)

We made valentines for our third grade reading buddies last week. They gave us theirs that they had made on Monday morning. Their teacher had taken pictures of the pairs of children and attached magnets. The frames were hearts.

We also had made valentines for our parents: two each, as some do not share households.

Finally, we made and decorated red bags to hold our valentines to take home.

On Monday morning, the kindergartners all arrived with their valentines for their classmates and all very excited about the occasion. Each child was given a class list two weeks ago with the homework that they do all of the writing: all of the names and signing.

So to begin with, they spread out their valentines so that they can read the names.


Then one at a time, I call them to stand in the front. Each child searches for the valentine they brought for that child. Then I call tables to come up to put the valentine in the bag as the child thanks each one.


When all of the valentines for that child have been received, that child returns to their seat and places their filled bag under their chair. And I call the next child to come up.

When all have been distributed, I spread the children out all around the room so that they can dump out their bag and not get everything all mixed up with one another’s. They are to read their valentines, or look at them as the case may be, and they get to choose any one package of candy to eat.  Everything else goes back in the bag to go home.

In the afternoon, we have a special snack.

It is a system I came up with years ago and it requires the children to practice a number of language arts skills while having fun.

The cutest valentine cards I have ever seen were made in the first grade class next door this year. Each child put on a cupid outfit, complete with red bow and arrow, and the teacher took their picture in a red-draped background, standing next to a plaster column. The pictures were just PRECIOUS!

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